Tereza ØSTBØ Kuldova, PhD


Jardar N. Østbø, PhD

Christin Thea Wathne, PhD

Research Professor

Work Research Institute

OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University


disciplines: social anthropology, critical theory, ultra-realist criminology, South Asian studies

areas of interest: intelligent surveillance, artificial intelligence, algorithmic governance, power and labour, inequality, organized crime, policing, subcultures, philanthropy, elites, luxury, consumption, consumerism

Associate Professor

Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies


disciplines: Russian studies, cultural studies, critical theory

areas of interest: securitisation, social media and demonstration, policing protest, Russian nationalism and security policy, moral cultures, elites, political economy, power relations, crime-politics nexus

Research Professor ​

Work Research Institute

OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University


disciplines: sociology, criminology, management and organizations

areas of interest: law enforcement, security, surveillance, labour rights and work organization, New Public Management, governance, the Nordic Model of co-determination, worplace surveillance, digitization and society, social impacts of artificial intelligence 

Aleksandra bartoszko, PhD

Eivind Falkum, PhD

Bitten Nordrik

Associate Professor

Faculty of Social Studies

VID Specialized University


disciplines: social anthropology, medical anthropology, legal anthropology, STS

areas of interest: life quality, drug use, legality, harm reduction, risk, medical surveillance, social work and policy, algorithmic governance, biometric technologies, health

Research Professor ​

Work Research Institute

OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University


disciplines: sociology, organizational theory, anthropology of labour

areas of interest: digitization and labour, the Nordic Model, political economy, workplace democracy, institutional change, industrial and corporate relations, decision-making, power, labour organization, technological change


Work Research Institute

OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University


disciplines: sociology, organizational theory, management

areas of interest: leadership and management, workplace surveillance, conflict, digitization and labour, the Nordic Model, political economy, workplace democracy, decision-making, power, institutional and technological change, HR and artificial intelligence 

Paulo cruz terra, PhD

Heidi enehaug, PhD

Pramod K. Nayar, PHD


Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil


disciplines: labour history, slavery studies, legal history

areas of interest: legislation, surveillance policies, punishment, anti-vagrancy policy, labour relations, protest, technology and labour

Senior Researcher

Work Research Institute

OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University


disciplines: sociology, organizational theory, anthropology of labour

areas of interest: action research, digitization and labour, the Nordic Model, political economy, workplace democracy, institutional change, labour organization, technological change


Department of English Literature

University of Hyderabad, India

disciplines: literary and cultural theory, English literature

areas of interest: ecocriticism, surveillance, human rights and literature, postcolonial studies, emotions, everyday cultures, new media and cybercultures, consumerism, digital cultures, India

Aurelija PUraitE, PhD

Kjetil Klette Bøhler, PhD

Jacqueline clare mallett, PHD

Associate Professor ​

Vice-Dean for Science

Academy of Public Security

Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania


disciplines: international public law, human rights law, administrative law​

areas of interest: law enforcement, public security, digitization and society, impacts of artificial intelligence to human rights

Senior Researcher

Norwegian Social Research

OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University


disciplines: interdisciplinary musicology, ethno-musicology, cultural studies

areas of interest: music, aesthetics, politics, Latin America, unemployment, participatory democracy, music and technology, governmentality

Assistant Professor​

School of Technology

Reykjavik University, Iceland


disciplines: multi-disciplinary computer science, machine learning, economy

areas of interest: application of network and signal processing techniques, deep learning, computer simulation, banking systems, financial markets


Teaching Assistant of Social Anthropology

University of Bologna, Italy


disciplines: social anthropology, peace and conflict studies, STS, African studies

areas of interest: conflict managment and religion, armed conflicts, religion and pentecostalism, law enforcement, private security, surveillance and security policy, internet and cybercultures, technology and culture, governmentality




Stephanie Hobbis, PhD

Assistant Professor

Wageningen University, the Netherlands



disciplines: sociocultural anthropology, development studies, peace studies, Asia-Pacific, island studies


areas of Interest: critical digital anthropometry, biometric technologies, infrastructures, power relations, governance in and beyond states, development interventions, rural-urban continuum, politico-religious uncertainty, food


Geoffrey hobbis, PHD

Assistant Professor

University of Groningen, the Netherlands



disciplines: sociocultural and digital Anthropology, media studies, technography, Oceania, island studies


areas of Interest: critical digital anthropometry, sociotechnical systems, body techniques, biometric technologies, kinship, sharing economies, off-grid internets, media ecologies, moral cultures

Per bonde hansen, PHD

Shivangi Narayan



Senior Researcher 

Work Research Institute

OsloMet - Oslo Metropolitan University


disciplines: history of ideas, labour history

areas of interest: capitalism, organization of labour, labour rights and regulation, Nordic model of work organization, digitalization, workplace monitoring, platform capitalism, unorganized labour


PhD Fellow

Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi




disciplines: sociology, social anthropology


areas of Interest: AI, Policing, Digital Identification, Biometric Identification (India's Aadhaar), Surveillance, State, Bureaucracy 

Postdoctoral Researcher

Institute of Sociology

Technische Universität Berlin


disciplines: sociology, science and technology studies, criminology, security studies, surveillance studies


areas of interest: predictive security practices, epistemology of machine learning, algorithmic decision-making, sociology of testing

mini m abraham, PHD

Sigurd M. N. Oppegaard


Assistant Professor &

Coordinator, Internal Quality Assurance Cell

Department of English

Bharata Mata College Kochi

Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala, India


disciplines: literary and cultural studies, English as a second language, English literature

areas of interest: Indian English literature, evaluation framework in higher education, AI and quantification in higher educational ranking frameworks and assessments, role of humanities, surveillance and society, technology and culture, listening skills in second language learning


Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Oslo / Researcher, Fafo Institute for Labour Social Research, Norway




disciplines: sociology, critical theory, industrial relations, sociology of work


areas of interest: platform work, digitalization and labor, trade unions, the Nordic model, automation of work, capitalism, organization of labor, labor process analysis

Associate Professor


Department of Public Communication, Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania



disciplines: political communication, communication theory, socio-technical approaches to communication


areas of interest: platform and algorithmic governance, information manipulation, online propaganda and conspiracy theories, social and political impact of big data, algorithmic bias, posthumanist theory, digital transformations of personal identity, digital transformations of political leadership


Assistant Professor


Department of Cultural Anthropology, Utrecht University


disciplines: anthropology, African studies, critical criminology

areas of interest: policing, private security, violence, sovereignty/power, ethnography, inequality, performativity, urban studies, materiality


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