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Journal of Extreme Anthropology is an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, open access and indexed journal that publishes articles in the fields of social anthropology, ethnographically informed criminology, and humanities and social theory, devoted often (but not only) to extreme subjects, transgressive practices and more. Beyond the standard peer-reviewed article format, we welcome visual essays, interviews, book reviews, essays, and other creative contributions.


Journal of Extreme Anthropology is published with the support of the University of Oslo, Norway and the Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway. It has been previously affiliated with the Extreme Anthropology Research Network (2016-2021). Since 2021, the journal has been published in collaboration with the Algorithmic Governance Research Network, reflecting the evolution of our research interests and the composition of the editorial board. Journal of Extreme Anthropology is an independent journal run voluntarily by a research collective, by academics for academics. It receives no direct financial support from any institution, or private sector and so on.  All institutional support is in-kind (library support, running OJS), with the exception of occassional printed issues. For more information and all archived open-access issues, please visit the journal website: 

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