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CFP: Special Issues for the Journal of Extreme Anthropology

Call for Special Issue Proposals - Journal of Extreme Anthropology

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Journal of Extreme Anthropology is an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, open access and indexed journal that publishes articles in the fields of social anthropology, ethnographically informed criminology, and humanities and social theory, devoted often (but not only) to extreme subjects, transgressive practices and more. Beyond the standard peer-reviewed article format, we welcome visual essays, interviews, book reviews, essays, and other creative contributions. The journal is hosted at the University of Oslo. For more, visit:

The journal publishes primarily monothematic issues and is now seeking proposals for Autumn 2023 and Spring 2024.

Proposals for the issue should be submitted by the lead guest editor of the issue and must include the following:

  • A proposed title for the issue

  • Abstract for the issue including proposed aims and scope, giving an overview of the issue's intended focus and a list of the topics to be covered. The topic of the proposed volume must be of current interest and fit the scope of the journal (500-1500 words)

  • A list of 2-4 guest editors who will join the lead guest editor in managing the issue, including their names, emails, affiliations, and a short biography of each of the guest editors

  • A list of 6-10 articles with short abstracts intended to be included in the issue (please note that our rejection rate is around 50%)

  • Titles of 2 relevant books to be reviewed in the issue (we can request these books from publishers on your behalf)

  • A list of other creative contributions intended for the issue (shortcuts, interview, film, visual essays etc.)

  • Open call for papers (or a combination of solicited contributions and a call) will be considered but the subject area should be considered strong enough to attract a reasonable number of submissions, but at the same time narrow enough to keep a strong focus for the monothematic issue

  • The proposal should also include a proposed timeline.

Proposals should fulfill all requirements listed above and should be written in a good standard of English. Proposals that do not meet these criteria will not be considered. All proposals are subject to approval following a discussion of the proposed issue among the journal’s Editorial Board.

Guest editors are permitted to contribute a maximum of 2 papers to their special issue. Any paper submitted by a guest editor will be handled by an Editorial Board member.

Both editor-in-chief and another editorial board member will support the guest editors and oversee the process. Guest editors will be responsible for processing the submissions and finding reviewers before making recommendations to the editor-in-chief. Previous experience of using publishing platforms will be of benefit.

Deadline for submission: November 1, 2022. Please submit your proposals to the editor-in-chief, Tereza Østbø Kuldova, and to the editorial board members: Aleksandra Bartoszko and Jardar Østbø Do not hesitate to get in touch with us may you have any questions prior to submission.


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