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Vol. 1 No. 2 Journal of Extreme Anthropology (Special Student Issue)

Special Student Issue Artists' Waste, Wasted Artists has been now published and can be downloaded at the journal website.


I. ARTWORLDS Glocalization: An Analytical Path Towards Inclusive Contemporary Art?

Lina Abazine - artist: Vooria Aria (6-12) Resisting the Pressures of the Global Art Market Marko Saranovic - artist: Christian Ruschitzka (13-20) ‘Poor Theatre’, Russian Avant-garde and the Art of Anna Bochkova Sophia Oberrauch - artist: Anna Bochkova (21-25) On the Art World, Museum ‘Prisons’ and Artistic Freedom Lidia Martínez Pérez - artist: Sabine Hauswirth (26-30) On Ideology and Art Creation: Vienna vs. Hong Kong Shui Ki Law - artist: Klaus Peter Scheuringer (31-34)

II. ARTISTS Hegemonies in Art: Struggles of an Aspiring Artist Luka Mirković - artist: Kathrin Zobl (35-40) The Vocational Regime in Art: On Myths and Performativity Mathilde Legret - artist: Ursula Hübner (41-47) Resisting the Power of Curators and the Professional Art Class Dafne del Carmen Moreno - artist: dORNwITTCHEN (48-53) Fashion and Neoliberalism: How Self-Commodification Becomes Integral to the Entrepreneurial Ethical Fashion Designer Vigdís Þóra Másdóttir - artist: Arna Lísa (54-58) Rethinking Social Norms Through Performance Art Isabel Elisabeth Winter - artist: Michael René Sell (59-62)

III. ART AND VALUE Smelly Art and the Hierarchy of Senses Borbala Elias - artist: Bernhard Weber (63-66) On Relics, Hermann Nitsch and the Creation of Value in Art Selin Karaman - artist: Hermann Nitsch (67-70) Thinking through Value Transformations of Movie Costumes Katharina Enzinger - artist: Thomas Oláh (71-74) On Regimes of Value in the Art World and the Art of Bernhard Rappold Elisabeth Bene - artist: Bernhard Rappold (75-78)

IV. MATERIALITY AND ART On Pricing in the Art Market and the Hierarchy of Materials Anna Kusché - artist: Anna Stangl (79-83) The Aesthetics of Decay: An Homage to the Beauty of Transience Fanny Kernbauer - artist: unknown & decay (84-87) ‘SUPERCARGO’, the Art of Peter Moosgaard Martin Ochsenhofer - artist: Peter Moosgaard (88-91)

V. ART AND WASTE From Art to Waste and Back: Beate Seckauer and her Waves Katrin Krottenthaler - artist: Beate Seckauer (92-95) On Zero Waste in Art and the Reproduction of Capitalism ‘with Human Face’ Nadine Schneiderbauer - artist: Lavinia Lanner (96-98) Art or Waste? A Discussion with the Art Collective UMETNIK* Theresa Rodler - artist: UMETNIK* (99-102) Artist’s Gaze and Zero Waste: Materiality and Value Marlies Scheuchenegger - artist: Leo Schatzl (103-105) When the Forgotten and Discarded Becomes Art: Maren Jeleff’s Photography Benedicta Wöllauer - artist: Maren Jeleff (106-109)

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