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JEA: Journal of Extreme Anthropology

Call for Papers - Extreme Masculinity (Special Issue)

JEA: Journal of Extreme Anthropology is now inviting submissions for a special issue to be published in December 2017 on the topic of Extreme Masculinities. The special issue will be primarily devoted to explorations of contemporary extreme forms of staging masculinity in relation to the political economy of neoliberalism. However, historically informed comparative pieces are also invited. Conceiving of anthropology in the broadest sense as the study of human, the journal is open to all disciplines across socials sciences and humanities, as well as to interdisciplinary contributions.

Articles and essays dealing with (but not only) following topics are invited:

  • Transformation of masculinity under neoliberal restructuring of societies

  • Nostalgia for heroic masculinity

  • Staging of aggressive and violent masculinities

  • Outlaw, deviant and criminal masculinities under neoliberalism

  • Extreme responses to perceived societal and economic threats to manhood

  • Cultivation of hypermuscular bodies

  • Extreme risk-taking, drug abuse and masculinity

  • Resistance and homosocial male bonding

Additionally, an international conference on ‘Extreme Masculinities’ will take place at the University of Vienna from September 29 – October 1, 2017, which will also officially launch the Extreme Anthropology Research Network ( Contributors to the special issue interested in taking part in the conference should mention this in their email to the editor.

Interested contributors are encouraged to submit an abstract of 300 words and a short bio by March 31, 2017 to the journal editor at

Journal of Extreme Anthropology is an international, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary and indexed journal that publishes articles written in the fields of anthropology, social sciences and humanities, specializing on extreme subjects, practices and theory.

Photo: Tereza Kuldova, 2016

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