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Report: Extreme Masculinities International Conference

The Extreme Masculinities: International Conference took place at the University of Vienna between the 28th September and 1st October, as planned and was organized by Tereza Kuldova, with main financial support by Zukunftsfonds der Republik Österreich. Additionally, the Deparmtent of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna, covered expenses with room rent (Aula) at the university, and Gender and Agency (Forschungsverbund Geschlecht und Handlungsmacht) at the University of Vienna covered the printing of conference brochures. Please see the attached conference program for the exact details of the event. The whole conference went as planned.

The conference brought together exciting and engaging scholars across social sciences to discuss the topic of masculinity through the lens of an analysis of social and economic processes. The conference was opened by the organizer, followed by a keynote by Richard Wilk from the Indiana University, US and a consecutive awards ceremony took place. The Extreme Anthropology Lifetime Achievement Award went to the British criminologist Steve Hall and the Extreme Fieldwork Award to Japhy Wilson for his critical work on Jeffrey Sachs. The evening ended with a brief reception accompanied by music, to celebrate the award winners. The next three days were spent with lively presentations and discussions, as the conference drew a considerable audience. In total, 156 people registered for the event, with around 70 in the audience at any given moment.

The conference proceedings, granted the significant interest in the topic, will be published as two consecutive special issues of the online open-access academic Journal of Extreme Anthropology, the first scheduled for December 2017, the second for March 2017. While we originally planned only one issue, we have received too many quality articles and hence decided to create two issues instead. The Journal of Extreme Anthropology publishes all articles Online First before assigning them to special issues, hence you can already now view and access articles based on the conference talks which are scheduled for the December issue. Please visit the journal website to download the articles for free:

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